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Frequently Asked Questions

Every photographer has a particular style and price. I’m not the cheapest and I’m certainly not the most expensive but I can guarantee you’ll love the customer service and your images.
I have an eye for detail, technical expertise, a warm personality and a strong desire to create images you’ll be pleased to share. I want to portray you in a confident, approachable way to your potential clients. Above all, I want you to enjoy your professional headshot experience and see how amazing you look!

NO, I also photograph high-school seniors, families and legacy portraits! Please check out the rest of the website for more details! 

What should I wear to my professional headshot? 

Do I have to come to the studio?

What are Environmental Headshots?

Do you only photograph headshots?

Why should I hire you as my photographer?

How long will my headshot last? 

How long will it take to shoot my headshot?

When should I book my professional headshot session?

Do I really need a professional headshot?

Your wardrobe should reflect who you are. Wearing something you like, you're comfortable in and, that flatters you will give you confidence. Remember headshots are about your face. Bright colors and strong patterns complicate a headshot while subtle textures can add depth and highlight your face. (Think solid colors.) Headshots for digital media are used at wide range of sizes - mostly small - so simplicity is key for your image to communicate well.

TIP: Things to Avoid 
One absolute no-no is tight repetitive patterns like high contrast pinstripes, herringbone, houndstooth, and fine checks pinstripes create a weird ‘moire effect’ on camera, where they appear to strobe and dance. (I see a lot of this with neckties in particular.) Go for solid colors instead.
Any skin-toned colors as this can cause problems when color correcting your images. Very tiny patterns or close together lines as this can cause 
Beware of silks, satins and other shiny fabrics—they’ll reflect light and shimmer every time you move your body:

Typically headshot sessions are wrapped up in about 30 minutes or less. All sessions start with a brief phone consultation about the purpose of your images and how you want to be portrayed.

This is one of the fastest growing genres in headshot photography and corporate portraiture! Environmental portraiture is a portrait of a person in their familiar surroundings - what the person does or who they are.

By photographing you in your natural surroundings, clients are able to better understand the essence of your personality, rather than a likeness of your physical features. It’s proven that by providing your clients images of you in your natural surroundings, they’ll be more at ease when speaking with you for the first time.

No. While the studio provides control over every aspect of your images, working in your office environment can be a great way to give presence and purpose to your images. Want to photograph your entire staff? Contact the studio by filling out the form below to get more information.

Typically headshot sessions are wrapped up in about 30 minutes or less if you are coming to the studio. 

In order to give our professional clients the best experience possible the studio can accommodate 5 professional headshot sessions per month. For this reason we suggest if you have something coming up to book sooner rather than later.

➜ TIP: Are you a busy professional? Rebecca Sue Photography has a professional headshot event every 2nd Friday of the month. To reserve your spot please check out the details HERE

If you have an online presence, you need a professional headshot. 

Having your headshot on a professional site like LinkedIn can often be the very first impression in how you’re perceived. Headshots tell a story. If your story needs to be one of a confident, approachable professional, you need a professional headshot.