I'm a curly girl, passionate gardener, chai tea drinker and long walk taker! I want people to see their beauty and empower them one portrait at a time. 

I'm also a Jesus loving, Mom of two crazy, awesome boys and wife to an extremely patient husband who keeps me focused and grounded when my creative mind gets unruly.

I'm your 'Hype' lady when it comes to having your portraits taken! I'll jump up and down with you when we get it right and laugh and cry with you (Mom's) when you see your portraits for the first time! 

About  Rebecca

I live in a house of all boys.

(including the dog)

Meet the fam...

I met my husband at work 17 years ago. We got married 8 months later in Hawaii! 

My two boys 10 & 12 are amazing human beings. (I know I'm biased) Their personalities are polar opposites but they love and fight hard. 

Hunter, our Silver Lab has to be at your side at all times and everyone in the household needs to be accounted for. He LOVES to watch TV (and bark) at anything that should not be 'in' our home. He's also afraid of the dark and pretty much everything else.

One thing our family loves the most... the outdoors. Walking, playing, hiking, fishing, swimming you name it. If we can be outside that's where you'll find us!

In 2017 my computer crashed and I lost over 27,000 digital images both personal and professional. As a photographer I knew to back up those images, and in several different places, (and I did!) but we still couldn't restore the damage that was done. My heart broke and I was in tears for months over the loss of memories in those digital files.

It took just a second and... ALL of my children's baby and first year images... gone. All of my favorite images ever taken... gone. All of my past client work... gone. 

Unfortunately, digital loss is more common than you, (or I) think; and this devastating experience has taught me more about digital vulnerability than I ever could have imagined.

The incredible and tangible 'Power of Print' is slowly being forgotten. We store thousands of photos on our digital devices, and all to commonly we: loose them, they get lost in the thousands we take, a backup never happens or worse... the unthinkable.

Unless print we we don't exist and I believe we need to 'pass down our legacy' to the younger generation and 'give a legacy' to the generations of now. Your physical print will never crash, but your prints will EXIST!

I had the
unthinkable happen...

& Why I'm Making a Difference

Why I Believe so strongly in the

'Power of Print' 

- The most cherished possession in my home.

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Let's just be honest...

I might not be the right photographer for you.

  • You want an amazing custom experience.
  • Your images to last more than the 24 hour gratification of likes on social media.
  • For images to live outside the junk drawers or folders on your desk top.
  • For the moms & dads who want to flip through an album to reminisce when their children have left the nest. 
  • For parents & loved ones to see their family photos on the wall, or table top as they walk past them every day.
  • For the girls who think they're not enough. 
  • For the guys who don't feel adequate enough.
  • For those who feel unseen 
  • And for those who need their legacy left behind. 

I may not be the photographer for everyone...  Am I The Photographer for 

I'm the photographer if...

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Fast facts about Rebecca

Number of different states i've photographed in


number of years I've been photographing


OF happy Clients I've photographed


Oh Goodness...
How do I choose just one?
The farm girl in me says COW! 

My favorite animal is...

The best part of my day is...

My kids... all day every day.


Spiced Chai Tea with oat milk - hot or cold!

My favorite hobby...

My drink of choice is...


Something I collect:
Earrings... LOTS of EARRINGS

Walk - walk - Walk

Favorite TYPE OF

Seniors & Legacy

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Favorite place to be:

favorite thing about myself:
My curly hair

These are a few of my favorite things

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