'Power of Print'

and the

Investing In Memories

As your photographer I believe memories should be preserved and photographs should be a part of our daily lives. They're a tangible reminder of the people we love and precious memories that have taken place to be cherished for a lifetime.

- Rebecca

What's Your Legacy?

"It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see."  - A. Ham

In this digital era, everyone on the planet has the ability to be a photographer and take hundreds of pictures. But of the thousands of images being taken 'The Power of Print' has long been forgotten. We are leaving our future generations with no living artistic record of their existence.

Take a moment and look around your home... What do you have on your walls? What has become more important than family? Do you know the powerful impact a print of your family or loved one hanging on the wall can have on a child? 

Before the digital age of photography, printing images was a must. However, today most non-pro photographers are unaware of the damaging effects digital files are leaving families.

Rebecca Sue Photography takes pride in giving her families not only an amazing experience but the gift of legacy for the next generation.

What does your legacy look like?

Leaving Behind
Your Story

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Why Invest In
Professional Prints?

If you've been thinking about hiring a professional photographer you obviously value what a high-end photographer can give you.

So, why go through the trouble of investing just to put a few images up on social media for 24 hours, keep them stored on your phone, a hard drive, or in the cloud never to be seen again?

Your gorgeous images belong where they can be enjoyed daily.
On your walls, on your coffee table, and in your heart. 

Because You want to leave behind a legacy 

The Short Answer...

The Long(er) Answer...

Digitals make it easy to share your images quickly on social media. They are also wonderful for safe keeping on your computer. But let's be honest, that's exactly what they're meant to be... archival.

I take the time to carefully hand edited each of your images to my unique artistic style. Although I am a firm believer in printing your images and creating beautiful photographs to hold in your hand and adorn your home, I also understand you may prefer your collection of images in digital format.

Therefore I offer Luxury Digital Boxes that include prints & digitals together. 

What about the digitals?

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From custom designed gallery walls to luxury heirloom albums that are hand crafted to last generations, I create artwork to fit every client.

Folio Boxes

Folio Boxes are designed to stand or lay flat for display making it perfect for clients who are short on wall space. Place your favorite image in the framed window and change it out easily for a completely different look.

Folio Boxes have two sizes:
20 - Image Box
30 - Image Box

Folio boxes come in three colors:
Walnut, Black or White

Choose your mat color:
White, Ivory or Black

Folio Boxes Are
- Hand-Crafted in Dublin, Ireland -


Custom fine art albums tell the story of this amazing season in your life. Albums are also the perfect way to showcase all of your favorite images from your session.

Albums are printed on the finest photographic archival paper, the pages are very thick and lay flat when opened.

Choose classic & timeless finishes in delicate colors of:
natural linen, textile, leatherette, or suede materials. 

Custom Albums Are
Hand-Crafted in
USA - Poland - Italy

Walk past your beautiful new images every single day with Wall Art. 

Your plate is full, and you often don't have the time and energy to devote to printing, framing, and displaying your images. For that reason, we take care of it for you! It’s all part of the luxury portrait experience.

At RSP we have a unique visualization software that takes all the guesswork out of the process by showing you exactly what your images will look like in your own space.

Wall Art

Whether you want to fill a whole wall or a small space, we have you covered from gallery wall design to installation in your home. Enhance your home with unique wall art decor items like: Wall groupings, vivid metals, wood prints, acrylic prints, fine art canvases or framed prints.

Your Wall Art is printed at one of the professional print labs we use here in the USA. For custom framing we use local small business framers from around the Lacey & Olympia area to customize and complete your art.  

Create a story in three profound portraits.

Perched upon a bookshelf, fireplace or desk the Trifold makes the ideal add-on gift for grandparents, friends & family.

The Trifold can be finished in:
 leatherette, textile, velvet or suede materials.

Trifolds are
Handcrafted in Poland


Smaller Art 
Pieces & Gifts

Rebecca Sue Photography's studio offers smaller art pieces to add to any order.

Gift prints, flat cards, storyboards, metal wall art, circle wood prints, companion albums, acrylic frames & stands, even custom apps for your devices... and so much more! 

Smaller Art & Gift Pieces Are
- Hand-Crafted at many different labs around the world.

"I'm a little pine tree
As you can see, 
All the other pine trees
Are bigger than me.
Maybe when I grow up
Then I'll be
A great big merry Christmas Tree!