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I'm a professional event photographer based in Olympia, WA. I've had the pleasure of capturing countless memorable moments at various corporate events. Whether it’s a product launch, a conference, or a gala, event photography is all about capturing the essence of the occasion and creating lasting memories.

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Contact for custom Quote

I've learned that one of the key aspects of event photography here in Olympia, WA is understanding your needs and expectations. It’s important for us to have a thorough discussion beforehand, to ensure that I am aware of the key moments you want to cherish, the style of photography you prefer, and any other special requests you may have.

At corporate events, it’s also important for me to capture your branding and messaging. This could be through images of key executives, showcasing your company logo, or capturing important moments during presentations.

Another vital aspect is capturing candid moments that truly reflect the atmosphere and emotions of the event. This requires a keen eye and the ability to anticipate and capture key moments as they happen. Candid shots are often the most memorable and create a more personal and emotional connection with viewers.

Equipment is also crucial. I ensure I have a range of lenses that can capture different types of shots and lighting conditions, from wide-angle for group shots to telephoto for candid moments and prime lenses for portraits or shots with a shallow depth of field.

In addition to equipment, I always have a backup plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances. This includes backup batteries, memory cards, and even a backup camera.

Lighting is also a significant consideration as many corporate events take place in large, dimly lit spaces. I ensure to handle these challenges effectively to provide you with stunning photographs.

Corporate event photography is a specialized field focusing on events like conferences, trade shows, product launches, awards ceremonies, and company parties. It's important for me as a corporate event photographer in Olympia, WA to understand these unique requirements and tailor my approach accordingly.

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Understanding Corporate Events

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My style blends traditional and photojournalistic approaches, ensuring I capture both candid moments and important details.

To book my services, simply reach out through the contact form below or give me a call. We'll discuss your event details, and from there I'll send you a booking link so you can choose your date and time, an email will follow with your quote contract and booking retainer invoice. Final payment will be due two days before your event.  

My specialization lies in corporate event photography.

My pricing varies based on the event type, coverage length, and additional services requested. Feel free to contact me for a personalized quote. And remember, booking early is always a good idea to secure your date!

I use professional-grade Nikon cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment to ensure the highest quality photos. Rest assured, I have the gear to capture your event beautifully.

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