Senior guy pictures taken around the Capitol in Olympia, WA. Photography by Rebecca Sue Photography.

The Month Before

Once you have booked your photo shoot, it’s time to start pinning! Using Pinterest can be one of the best ways to prepare for your session. Pinterest has tons and tons of inspiration, and picking things that appeal to you can help you communicate visually to me exactly what look you want for your session.

What types of things should you pin?

Clothing ideas
Makeup looks
Poses you like
Prop ideas
Anything that will help you visually communicate what you want for your session

The Week Before

Finalize your looks for your shoot by trying on everything. This includes trying on shoes, accessories, and more to make sure it is exactly what you want for your session. Once you have tried everything on, ensure everything is clean, ironed, and ready for your shoot.

If you are considering a tan for your shoot, make that appointment at least three days before your session. This will allow the tan to develop and look its best on your skin.

Senior guy pictures taken around the Capitol in Olympia, WA. Photography by Rebecca Sue Photography.

The Day Before

Get a manicure and pedicure! Having your nails done for your photos is great because there may be some poses where your nails show, and you want to make sure they look great for photos! I highly recommend a neutral color so that your nails go with all your outfits and will look great in photos for years to come.

Lay out your clothes, pack them up, and double-check that you have everything you need. Don’t forget the right undergarments! If you need a strapless bra or sticky boobs for a certain outfit, don’t forget to pack it! And make sure you have a neutral color so nothing shows through!

The best way to pack your clothing is to have the clothes hanging. It is a great idea to put everything together that goes together. So jewelry and accessories can be put in individual baggies like a Ziploc and attached to the hanger of that outfit.

The Day Of

Drink plenty of water and make sure you get plenty of rest. Be sure to eat well so you aren’t hungry during your session, and if you need to, bring a snack and water with you.

Arrive at hair and makeup in comfy clothing with no makeup and clean, dry hair that has not been flat ironed. You will bring the clothing for the shoot and get dressed in your first outfit after your hair and makeup are done.

Don’t forget to bring your Pinterest ideas to show the artist what you want for your hair and makeup!

Relax! Trust me; I will ensure your session is the best. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Prepping For Your Senior Photo Shoot

February 3, 2024

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