pacific northwest photography

from Washington State

Rebecca?s passion for photography goes beyond photographing just people. Rebecca moved to the PNW twenty years ago and now calls this beautiful wet lush place home. The beautiful greens, mountains, waterfalls, lakes and more have become a passion of hers to photograph. If you are interested in purchasing any of these images as artwork please inquire with the studio.?

Rebecca also holds destination sessions. Do you have a favorite spot to be photographed in the PNW??

Interesting Facts about Washington State

  1. We live in the Ring of Fire ? Mount Rainier is one of the volcanos in our state towering 14,410 feet tall and is the highest point in the state.?
  2. Ice Age ? Washington state is the most glaciated state in the US with over 3,000 glaciers.
  3. Rain Forest ? The Olympic Peninsula is home to the only temperate rain forests in the continental United States.
  4. Run Free ? 12, 000 wild horses roam the Yakima Indian Reservation
  5. Islands ? At low tide, the Sand Juan Islands can feature as many as 450 islands, although not all are big enough to inhabit.?

Tips for Photographing Scenery

  • Compose your scene
  • Light ? Think about the time of day your working in and whet you?re prepared to capture
  • Lenses ? What lens will you be using?Wide aperture or close up?
  • Gear Protection ? We live in the PNW and it?s wet! Protect your gear!

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