meet rebecca

Portrait photographer in Olympia, Washington

I believe that portraits or any other photo are more than just a collection of images. They’re vessels that capture a moment perfectly encapsulate what it means to be you. Photographs represent a journey spent, carefully crafting that moment in a collaboration between photographer and subject. Most importantly, portraits are heirlooms that we pass on in our families, reminding each of us about those who came before and all the wonders we shared with them.

That’s the beautiful thing about what I do: creating the moments that last forever.

Thirteen years ago, I was given a wonderful gift for my birthday. Although it may have looked like an ordinary camera, what it really represented was my future, my passion, my calling. Since then, I have dedicated myself to showing the world and those who live in it what I see when I see them. I’ve spent over a decade working with some of the best photographers in Washington, honing my skill and discovering how to go about bringing out the best in all my subjects.

That’s why from the moment you walk into my studio or meeting up for a shoot, my goal for you to feel cared for, to be understood, and (of course) have fun! I want you to enjoy yourself throughout the entire process, because that’s when we really get to the good stuff. As an artist, I find that it’s crucial to know and understand you as best as I can, so when the final product comes out that I show just how beautiful you and your family are.



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