About Rebecca

I’m a mother of two amazing boys, and wife to a patient husband who keeps me focused and grounded.

Most importantly, I'm a devout Christian.

A Quirky Facts About Me

  • I was raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.
  • I had a cow named ‘84’. I brushed and spoke to her every day.
  • I LOVE to garden and I have over 40 plants in my home.
  • I love the smell of dirt in the springtime.
  • I don’t like red meat but love the smell of it cooking.
  • I love Salmon and pretty much every other kind of fish.
  • I have the curliest crazy most amazing hair (most days)
  • I have an obsession with unique dangly earrings.

My favorite Quote

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” ~ Coco Chanel

I was given a camera many years back and the moment I pressed down the shutter button something magical happened.

When I got the first roll of film back I knew this is what I was called to do. My passion and drive to show others how beautiful they are has taken me to a place I’ve never dreamed of.

However, my business had the unthinkable happen two years ago. My computer crashed and I lost over 27,000 images both personal and professional (and I diligently backed up my images to multiple sources!) My heart broke. I was in tears for months over the loss of memories in those digital files.

This experience taught me about digital vulnerability. We need to remember the power of print! Your physical print will never crash. In 100 years your digital files may not be a readable format because technology changes, however, your prints EXIST!

How do you want your loved ones sharing family memories years from now?

Let’s create your portrait heirlooms that will last for generations.